The management team for Netsurit US is made up of a wide range of IT consulting professionals. The diverse experience and in-depth expertise of our team ensure you get maximum value. Our proven processes and best practices have been refined over years of successful work in a number of different industries.

We’d love to learn more about how we can help boost the ROI on your IT investment.


Orrin Klopper
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Orrin’s passion for business creation, people management, and customer service has been a fundamental driving force to the success of the business. Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce degree (with Information Systems as an additional subject) this UJ graduate has also completed an Entrepreneurial Masters Course at MIT in the United States.

Orrin may be blessed with intelligence, but it is his 6th sense that has ensured the collective growth of Netsurit. His ability to see the latent talent in others as well as his successful business acumen has guaranteed a team environment that works holistically to create quality solutions for all Netsurit’s clients.

While Netsurit remains a top priority in Orrin’s professional portfolio, he has also represented our IT company at the Microsoft World Wide SMS&P Partner Advisory Council and the Microsoft Software Plus Service Partner Advisory Council. He was also one of the founding members of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation in South Africa.

Despite what may appear as workaholic-syndrome, Orrin is just an average guy with an abundance of enthusiasm, backed by an able team of go-getters who all strive to find innovative, measurable ways to help our clients run better.


Maureen Cueva
Director of Finance, US

Maureen (Mo), has extensive management and operations experience that comes from over 20 years in leadership roles across diverse industries. Mo spent four years at Hofstra University studying communication arts and psychology. Part of her career was spent living abroad in Spain where she managed Finance and Operations at Estrumaher, SA, one the largest building facade manufacturers in the world. She lived in Asturias in the north and then moved to Toledo.

Her extensive management and operations experience comes from over 20 years in leadership roles across diverse industries. Mo spent four years at Hofstra University studying communication arts and psychology. Part of her career was spent living abroad in Spain where she managed Finance and Operations at Estrumaher, SA, one the largest building facade manufacturers in the world. She lived in Asturias in the north and then moved to Toledo.

Other career highlights include Facilities Management positions at Thaumaturgix and She also worked for E! Networks, where she was the Office Manager for the East and Midwest region.

Maureen gives new meaning to the term “multi-tasking” with three children, three dogs, a cat, two guinea pigs, and a full tank of fish in addition to her work responsibilities. She loves the outdoors and taking her family on adventures wherever nature exists. She is happiest in any place near the sea and sand.

While she has traveled extensively, spending time in Cape Cod and other parts of the Northeastern United States remains her favorite destinations. A lifelong goal is to create a farm to help rescued animals.

Mo has done volunteer work for In God’s Love We Deliver, a meal delivery service for people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves. Her next nonprofit is going to be Pets Alive, no-kill animal rescue, located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains.


Dennis Amaral
Director of Sales, US

With a diverse background in multiple industries spanning 20+ years, Dennis has worked with hundreds of business owners, CFOs, IT Directors, and COOs to help them become more efficient, grow their bottom line and prosper through thoughtful and innovate technology consulting. Dennis believes that each client partnership is built on trust and long-term value and his approach puts a premium on making recommendations that adhere to client budgets while delivering Netsurit’sbest practices.

His vast experience is an asset to the Marathon team, particularly with regard to his insights on the day-to-day needs of the small business owner and his ability to identify opportunities for creating strategic, scalable IT solutions.

His professional background includes Sales Executive & Management positions at AFC Cable Systems, Dow Jones Local Media Group, Phoenix Media/Communications Group and AT&T Advertising Solutions.

Dennis is committed to living the New York City experience to its fullest and exploring its many eateries, bars, theatres and riverside haunts. A resident of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, he enjoys long walks with his wife and their mentally-challenged dogs, Oliver & Georgie.

He is a veteran of the United States Air Force and is an active member of his chapter of the American Legion.


Steven Grobler
Director of Technical Services

Steven’s global IT adventure began in his hometown of Durban, South Africa. After he had finished high school, he went on to get a Diploma in Computer Science and added various Microsoft certifications to his CV.

An IT training job in college turned into an IT supervisor position for Sun Coast Casino over the first two years after school. Steven then took the opportunity to move to London where he filled various IT roles and got his first taste of working for a managed services provider (MSP).

After returning to South Africa, he applied for a job at Netsurit and became a roaming tier 2 consultant. His use of a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle and a backpack to navigate the nightmare that can be Johannesburg traffic vastly improved the team’s response times to onsite work.

After a brief stint as a consultant, he returned to Netsurit and eventually became Team Lead of the Roaming Service department for three years. His next step was Support Operations Manager. Steven also became part of the Netsurit Executive Committee and had been involved in the strategic direction of the company.

When Netsurit merged with Marathon Consulting, Steven joined Marathon to become Director of Technical Services for the US company and found his way to the Big Apple. He really feels we are building on a great base in the US that is destined for greatness. Watch out New York City!

When he is not at work, Steven is most likely out exploring the city. He is becoming an advanced subway rider and can recommend some great pizza and bagel spots to try out. His bucket list travel destination is a trip to explore the Amazon in Brazil.


Peter Hodges
Director of Marketing

Peter’s passion for telling stories started when he was very young. He decided in grade school that he wanted to become an actor to fight the bad guys in Battlestar Galactica and that goal carried all the way through college with a BA in Theatre Arts.

While he only had one paying gig as a performer, he quickly found sales and marketing to be a perfect “grown up” opportunity to use the storytelling skills he learned.

Peter spent the first ten years of his career in the financial services and insurance industry. Then he became a director in a leading Denver marketing agency before making the transition into the information technology sector with Marathon Consulting.

When he’s not at work, Peter is devoted to his family. He also pursues his passion of landscape photography. A photo from his trip to Peru is on the cover of National Geographic Traveler’s Peru guidebook.

Louwki Coetsee 
Managing Director, US

Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Till your good is better and your better is best.”

In 2001, Louwki commenced his studies at Torque-IT, where he focused on achieving his Master Network Engineer qualification. In 2002, he started lecturing at the university, and was later promoted to Technical Manager.

Louwki then moved on to Tronic Trade Technology Holdings, where he fulfilled the role of Technical Manager. In 2004 he started his career at Netsurit as a Senior Technical Consultant. He was soon promoted to the position of Client Services Manager, and shortly thereafter was further promoted to Senior Account Manager. In 2008, Louwki was appointed Head of Support.

In 2014, Louwki joined Dimension Data, he formed part of the MEA Global Service Center Management team as a Service Improvement & Enablement Manager.
2017, Louwki re-joined the Netsurit team to lead the US New York business as Managing Director.

When he’s not working, Louwki enjoys time with his wife Yolandie & son Logan. They enjoy together the outdoor live style going camping whenever they get the opportunity. Louwki has also an abundance of hobbies ranging from, gadgets, remote controlled vehicles, drones, marine aquariums, photography, being an audiophile, DIY, and Ice hockey.

Grant Turner
Business Intelligence Executive

Grant is seasoned executive who has been a Financial/ IT Director and Senior Manager in large multi national companies, such as as Standard Bank and Fujitsu-Siemens Computers.

He has a passion for Business Intelligence and making sure the intelligence enables business’ to make faster commercial, data-driven decisions.

Grant joined Netsurit in June 2017.


Nicolas Hocquet
Support Services Executive
“I love what I do and I do what I love. I believe that my passion for IT helps me going out of my way for Netsurit employees and customers.

Nicolas has always been interested in technology, especially around what it can enable in our lives. This was the main motivator that led Nicolas to start his studies in 2002 at ESIEE Amiens in his home country of France. Nicolas then received a Master of Science from FSATI & the Tshwane University of Technology after publishing a paper on Ad Hoc Routing Protocol to further his studies.

In 2010, after working as a Senior IT Engineer for three years in France, Nicolas decided to pursue one of his greatest dreams and made the choice to relocate to South Africa where he joined the Netsurit Team as a Support Consultant. Through the constant development of his technical & managerial skills, Nicolas has been promoted a number of times at Netsurit, occupying crucial roles such as Team Leader, IT Manager & Operations Manager.

Hungry for new challenges, Nicolas was promoted once again in 2015 to Client Services Manager, where he prides himself in ensuring high customer satisfaction levels and enabling Netsurit’s customers to achieve their business goals through technology.

In his private life, Nicolas loves spending time with his wife Phumzile and son Enzo. Nicolas is also an avid rugby fan and trains his son on a regular basis. He also enjoys traveling throughout South Africa to visit some of the most beautiful places that this country has to offer.