See what tools most effective, and how and when your employees work best with NPM


The COVID-19 pandemic, and the required physical distancing measures, have caused many businesses to send their employees home. Maintaining output and efficiency can be a challenge under work from home (WFH) circumstances. That’s what spurred certain divisions within enX Group to implement Netsurit Productivity Monitor (NPM), a productivity monitoring tool that provides immediate insights and reporting to help you identify trends and capacity within your organisation.


“NPM allows management to understand which business applications are being used more than others,” says Denish Haripal, Group Chief Information Officer. “This enables us to offer additional training and change management to promote increased adoption of technologies that are not being sufficiently used.”


“The Netsurit team were very open to accepting requirements and suggestions from us,” he adds. “The turnaround time to respond to any issues was also quick, contributing to the success of the solution.”


NPM focuses less on activity monitoring and more on providing productivity awareness and insights. It can even be used for gamification to rank productivity, with a leaderboard to encourage engagement and competition between business units, for example.


Haripal says the group has gained key insights from the NPM data. “As a business we need to ensure that we are using technology to gain efficiencies and better insights into our information,” says Haripal. “With application metering embedded into NPM, it assists us with reviewing which products are being adopted and which are not. Furthermore, it allows the IT team to manage which products we need to renew, and which are no longer required. We are also able to distinguish between business and non-business-related application usage after hours.”

With work-life balance being more important than ever in today’s new working environment, employees too are looking for ways to better manage work and life. NPM has allowed divisional management team to review overtime hours to ensure that employees equally prioritise the demands of their career and the demands of their personal lives.

“With COVID-19 having changed the workplace, many organisations are embracing a truly hybrid model of remote and in-office working,” says Haripal. “NPM is a great tool to show how much value and productivity can be delivered both outside of the office and inside.”


NPM monitors productivity while respecting employees’ privacy. It is secure and non-invasive, and analyses only relevant data, and not personal information. It is also designed for low-bandwidth, work from home scenarios, and easily integrates with Azure Active Directory (or On-Premise AD) for analysis per department and job title. NPM is cost-effective and flexible, and customers pay only for the number of users monitored per month.