Say Happy Birthday to the Original Microprocessor

The Intel 4004 arrived on the scene in 1971 and was the first CPU on a single chip! This week marks its birthday and we would like so say a quick thank you to the microprocessor that has transformed computing forever. A CPU, or central processing unit, is basically the brain of a computer. Every piece of information input or output by the computer goes through the CPU

Under-the-Radar Gadget Gifts

With only a few weeks left until we’re in the heart of the holiday season, it may look like there are only two “must-have” items for that tech-savvy person on our shopping lists: either a smartphone or a tablet. However, thousands of would-be perfect gadget gifts are going unnoticed. Advertisers are concentrating on big-ticket gizmos when plenty of gift-worthy devices are left under the radar instead of the tree.