Android smartphones and Apple’s iPhones are very different. Android phones are highly customizable. You can change anything from your Android phone’s home screen to the way you download apps because Android is open source. The tips below will show you how easy it is to tailor your smartphone to your specific needs.

One-Touch Dialing
There are undoubtedly certain numbers that you dial more frequently than others. With Android smartphones, you can set up one-touch dialing for those people that you call the most. Simply press an open space on your screen and select the “Shortcuts” option. Then press Direct Dial and pick the right person from your list of contacts. Now you’ll be able to call that person simply by pressing just one button.

Saving Time Searching the Web
Your Android phone can be customized to include your most frequently visited Web sites on the home screen. This is accomplished by pressing and holding the desired site in your browser’s bookmarks. A list of options will pop up. Select the “Add Shortcut to Home” option. This will add the Web page to your phone’s home page.

Organizing with Folders
By creating folders on your Android phone, you can better organize everything from your contacts to your most essential work documents by grouping these items into their own folders. For instance, if you’re working on an important project for work, you can create a new folder that’s reserved for documents, Web addresses, and phone numbers associated with this particular project. To make folders, press on a blank space on your phone’s screen. When your list of options pops up, press “Folders.” This will permit you to create your own folder and name it. You can then drag and drop important documents, images, and files into these folders.

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