We all know what an iPhone can do. We are able to use this helpful device to connect to the Web and view the latest movies and television shows. We can use it to update our Facebook pages and send out tweets. We can play music, make phone calls, to get directions to the nearest Italian restaurant by using the iPhone. However, you may be surprised at what else your iPhone enables you to do. Fortunately, there are plenty of smartphone experts out there willing to share their top iPhone tricks with you.

Saving Time

Say you have to type a quick email or report and you’d rather not depend on the fairly small on-screen keyboard that makes it very easy to type an “F” when you intended to hit the “D.” The editors at Macworld, in a recent online feature, have a suggestion: If you are browsing in Safari—before tapping on the address bar, an action that immediately brings up your on-screen keyboard—rotate your iPhone to a horizontal position. If you tap the address bar now, your on-screen keyboard will also appear in horizontal mode. It will be larger, making it simpler for those of us with sluggish fingers to tap out those emails without filling them with typos. The editors at Macworld also offer a timesaving tip for making phone calls. If you are browsing in Safari and you happen upon the phone number of that inn where you need to make a reservation, just tap the onscreen number. Your iPhone will automatically dial it for you.

More Efficient Typing

Apple itself offers several tips for getting more out of your iPhone. If you are typing using the on-screen keyboard, try tapping the space bar twice at the end of a sentence. Your iPhone will instantly add a period then capitalize the next word you type. If you want to spice up your message with special characters, just touch and hold a letter for several seconds. As you do this, a selection of special characters will show up. After that you can easily insert these symbols into your message.

Quick Printing, Personalized Entertainment

This tip is for those of you that own an AirPrint-enabled printer. It is possible to print documents, emails, and Web pages from your iPhone with this device. To print a Web page simply tap the “Action” icon and select “Print,” this will send the information to your printer. Printing an email is just as easy; tap “Reply” and select “Print.”

It’s simple, too, to generate your own personalized music playlist. From the iPod app, hit the “Playlists” icon and then tap the “Add Playlist” icon. Give this new list a name, and tap any video or song on your iPhone to add it to his new playlist.

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