You launched your own catering business because you love to cook. You went into the bakery business to sell cookies and cupcakes. You didn’t open your own landscaping company because you love paperwork. Yet to be a prosperous small business owner, you can’t ignore the financial side of your business, and this means that you have to make certain you properly invoice your clients. Neglecting to invoice your customers can leave you with a significant cash flow problem, one that, if left unchecked, could put you out of business.

Invoicing help online

Using an online invoicing service is a viable option for business owners who require a quicker, more dependable way, and often-automatic means to invoice their clients. You can find a large number of available online options to choose from that can take that tiresome task of paperwork off your plate. Below we’ll examine just 3 of the solutions available:

A free but powerful invoicing service

Sometimes the word “free” is synonymous with “not very good.” Fortunately, that is not the case with the free system, BillingBoss. Appropriate for most small businesses that want to automatically invoice customers monthly and occasional once-off invoicing, BillingBoss packs a huge punch at no cost!

A power tool

AcceptPay from American Express is without a doubt for the power user. For only $30 a month, users of AcceptPay can connect with QuickBooks, collect online payments from clients, and set up a variety of customizable automatic invoices. It seems a pretty small price to pay for such a effective tool.

Invoicing for the tech-savvy

Lastly we’ll consider the most customizable option of the bunch, BambooInvoice. This open source program is hosted on your own servers and can be easily customized for your business’ needs. So if you require more control and are somewhat tech-savvy, BambooInvoice could be your best choice.

The best news for business owners is that these services are just a small sample of the many online invoicing services available, many of them free or low-cost. Those business owners who want to quickly gain control over their invoicing process should check them out.

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