Windows 7 has many features which makes it a great improvement over previous systems. However, like most things, if you are unaware of all these features you could be missing out.

By mastering a few simple tricks, you can get the most out of Windows 7.

  • Coping images to a CD or DVD is simple with Windows 7. Just double click the image, and choose the drive that has your blank disk. Pick the burn option and Windows 7 takes it from there!
  • Finding issues and repairing them is also simple with Windows 7. To do this choose the “Control Panel” and select the “troubleshooting” option. This will give you access to a series of wizards that look for and resolve common OS issues. For example cleaning up adware and eliminating clutter.
  • Do younger people in your household install cumbersome software that slows down your computer? This can be easily avoided using the Windows 7 AppLocker feature. This feature only allows your pc to run and install programs that have your pre-approval. You can tell AppLocker to only run programs from respectable companies, so if someone is attempting to run a program from an unknown publisher AppLocker will prevent it.
  • Windows 7 includes its own power efficiency service. This allows you to obtain reams of data regarding how much power your laptop is consuming. This can be important if you are working from a remote location and are not near a charging source.

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