Mouse-free computing isn’t unknown to us. We navigate on our smartphones, tablets, and e-reader using touchscreen technology. And I’m sure this is just the beginning of interacting with computers without a mouse. So, will we ever ditch the mouse completely for more hands free technologies?

Gesture sensing

Consumers who own Wii or PlayStation video game systems currently have an idea of this. These two game systems offer users the chance to play games and explore the web through wireless remotes that synch with body movements. Wii players can smack a tennis ball by swinging their hands while they hold a wireless remote. They are able to jog in place, climb a virtual mountain, or shoot menacing robots in the same way. This is called gesture sensing. The tech isn’t quite ready for standard computing yet. However, it is not hard to imagine a future where gesture sensing becomes one of the primary modes of interacting with our computers.

Multi-touch technology

But gesture sensing is only one interaction innovation. There’s also multi-touch technology. Again, iPad as well as other tablet users are already acquainted with this. By tapping icons on their screen, they are able to open apps and programs. By swiping their fingers across the screen, they are able to flip to a new page on a website. By pinching pages, they can zoom on an image making it larger.

Voice recognition

Another possibility for controlling computers is vocal recognition. This technology already exists and is quickly gaining in popularity as developers work out the kinks. One of the popular common vendors is Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Vocal recognition technology has a ways to go before it is perfect, but technologies improve so rapidly now a days that I don’t see it being very long before voice-command functionality becomes standard in every devices.

No matter what new technologies arise or how refined the ones we spoke about get, chances are that the mouse won’t disappear all together. It has served us well, and we know we are able to rely on it.

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