You may wish to impress your boss because you want a promotion, or a raise, or you just want to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Whatever the purpose, the initial question is how?

What about Excel? The majority of us, regardless of our job, use spreadsheets in Excel. This program is an extremely robust business tool; here are some tips to increase your efficiency, which is sure to impress your boss.

  • Hiding Information: You may wonder why you would want to hide specific information in a spreadsheet. Well, imagine the spreadsheet that has all your data with regards to the company also has everyone’s salary. That is confidential information that you don’t want to divulge at the meeting. Simple hide the column or row by clicking the related number or letter to highlight it, then right-click on that highlighted row or column and select the Hide option in the popup menu. Then you can Unhide the row or column in the same way when the meeting has ended.
  • Timestamping: You are able to attach a fixed date and time — which will never change — to your Excel spreadsheets thanks to your computer’s “Ctrl” key. To put a fixed date into a spreadsheet cell, hold Ctrl while you press your computer’s semicolon key. To place the present time into a cell, hold down your computer’s Ctrl and Shift keys while pushing the semicolon.
  • A Better-Looking Spreadsheet: Perk up your spreadsheet by utilizing Excel’s Themes option. This is found at the top on the Excel Ribbon. This aspect gives you a large variety of color schemes and fonts, or you can make your own and apply it to your spreadsheet.
  • Tracking Trends: This is called Sparklines and is only available in the most recent version of Excel. It enables you to create charts that show trends in the data in your spreadsheet. This could be helpful, for instance, if you need to quickly figure out how many software bundles your company’s salespeople sold in the first half of last year.
  • Conditional Formatting: This feature allows formatting only in cells that meet the requirements that you select. For instance you could decided to have any dollar amount over 1,000 be a distinct color.

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