There are plenty of people looking for jobs today. However, as an employer, you’re not trying to find just anyone. You would like to hire the best, most creative employees to work at your business. You recognize that your company is only as strong as your workers. How do you hire the best people? It all begins with the interview.

If you hold the traditional job interview, asking the same boring questions, the odds are you won’t be able to tell the top applicants from the so-so ones. That’s why it is critical to craft a unique job interview strategy.

Ask the Right Questions

Rather then asking people what their previous positions were, ask them how they positively impacted their positions at their previous employers. Did they develop any processes that improved efficiency? Did they help their employers cut costs, if so, how?

One of the most typical questions to ask a candidate concerns their strengths and weaknesses. Try to avoid asking them to list these; most people have predetermined answers. Instead ask them what they bring to the culture of a company, or ask them what they do to make their job more satisfying. The responses you get to these types of questions will help you to gauge the actual inventiveness of the person you are evaluating.

Another method you could use to determine creativity is to give them a task to perform. Something simple, for example have them write their ideas about what their ideal work environment would be like. Or they could brainstorm services and products for a company of your choosing. You could keep it light and fun; the goal is to get a snapshot of their brainstorming abilities, and creativity.

In today’s marketplace, employers have the benefit of choosing amongst many accomplished people. So in order to pick the very best, they need to change the types of questions they ask in job interviews.

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