Thanks to the Internet, most people pay their bills, seek out entertainment, and get their news on-line. So it is not surprising that music streaming is as popular as it is. Many people stream their music and there are a variety of music-streaming services to choose from. This can be very beneficial as people always have access to their music, as long as they have access to the Internet.

So we thought we would share with you some information about some of the more common streaming services:

Pandora: Pandora is very popular because of its simple user interface. After navigating to the website, you are able to input a song or artist you want to hear and Pandora will create a “radio” station based upon that information. This is an excellent way to learn about new artists with similar sounds. The stations that Pandora creates are easily personalized as well. If Pandora chooses an artist that you don’t like, you can select the thumbs down symbol on the song. Pandora allows for further customization by allowing you to “seed” your station with various artists. While you can listen to Pandora without creating an account, it is crucial if you want to save your personalized stations.

Grooveshark: This streaming service is much like Pandora, in that it creates a personalized “radio” station determined by your musical tastes. You do not have to create an account to enjoy Grooveshark, or to build your own playlists. However, should you wish to save your information, you need to create one. One advantage to Grooveshark is basically that you are able to listen to whole albums instead of a station you created. One of the more exciting features of Grooveshark is that users can add their own music if the Grooveshark database doesn’t have what they’re seeking.

Rhapsody: Rhapsody has quickly made a name for itself due to its huge database of more than 14 million songs. Users must pay for the service – $10 a month – but by doing this, they’ll be able to stream any song from the service’s huge collection.

Spotify: Spotify is one of the most widely known music-streaming services out there. After its launch in 2008, it expanded rapidly. Spotify has a user friendly interface. You can listen to entire albums, decide to create a “radio” station based on your tastes, or create playlists that you can share with other Spotify users. This is attractive to people who enjoy the nostalgia of making mix tapes. A lot of people love Spotify’s integration with Facebook. By using the Facebook app, Spotify creates a running list of what you are playing day by day. You can also see what your Facebook friends are listening too, in real-time.

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