Every year, the writers at technology and business magazines recognize those gadgets which are on the cutting-edge. These are the tech tools that can perhaps change our lives. Of course, it’s impossible to anticipate with any certainty which gadgets may become mainstays and which could go the way of the laser disc. But the editors at Inc. Magazine recently took a shot at forecasting the latest technology that may change our world. Here are some of their picks:


The trouble with listening to music on the iPhone is straightforward: It doesn’t always sound good. The V-MODA VAMP hopes to improve this. This product behaves as a mini amplifier for the iPhone 4 or 4S, adding quality and volume to the devices’ music-playing capabilities. The product also serves a secondary function: it provides a back-up battery, giving your iPhone 4 a longer life.

Alice Receptionist

Alice is a virtual receptionist that relies on sensors to detect when people get into the office. Visitors can then tap a touchscreen to get in touch with employees and they can even chat through video services using Alice. This can be a huge advantage to companies who want to cut costs by not employing a receptionist, and it’s easy to use.

Microsoft SmartGlass

SmartGlass, created by Microsoft, allows users to transform a smartphone or tablet into a high-tech, super-smart controller for your HDTV. By using gestures on your mobile device, you can manage media such as music, games and videos on your TV screen. The technology is scheduled to debut later this year, and will be designed for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Windows 8 tablets, according to Inc.

There is no telling if these technologies will have the expected impact. But from the amount of media attention and press they have received the outlook is good.


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