Have you ever had this problem, you have to send a large file but the file is way too big to attach to an email? Well, you are in luck. There are several programs out there that permit you to share or send large files. We have detailed four of the most popular below.


YouSendIt is a cloud-based storage system and is free. It lets you share large files and it’s quite simple to use. One of several attractive things about YouSendIt is that it gives the user control over their files by allowing them to set an expiration date for access, plus they can set who is able to download the files.


DropSend operates in much the same way as YouSendIt.  DropSend, though, offers file-sharing programs in a number of option. For example, you can choose DropSend Lite, which is free. This version permits you to send five files a month. The basic version of the program costs $5 a month, and permits you to send 15 files a month. The business version – $99 a month – allows users to send an unlimited number of files each month.


SugarSync is popular with tablet and smartphone users, as it saves all your files to all of your gadgets at once. SugarSync also allows you to choose who has access to these files. So you can share movies and music with your friends while keeping important work documents confidential.


Dropbox is one of the most widely recognized file-sharing programs. It has the benefit of allowing you to store your files on all of your devices at once like SugarSync, and it has a variety of payment levels.


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