Think every bad technology idea disappears, that the marketplace kills off the worst social media sites conceivable? Think again. An intriguing story by ComputerWorld’s Mike Elgan recently showcased several of the absolute worst technology ideas that defy taste and common sense. Yet nevertheless …  they are still alive and kicking. Why? Maybe U.S. consumers aren’t as clever as we’d like to believe.

Social Media for Your Bathroom

How else, though, to explain the continued life of iPoo?  As the ComputerWorld story says, this is a social network that is exactly what you think it is. It’s intended for people who are going to the bathroom and still don’t want to detach from their virtual friends. People shouldn’t talk on their cell phones when they’re sitting on the toilet. They shouldn’t post messages to their online friends about what they just had for dinner, either.

Tacos Through the Air

Most of us like fast food tacos, but what if you are at home and want those tacos delivered?
That is where the TacoCopter comes in. They want to deliver tacos throughout California’s Silicon Valley using helicopter drones. This service is not operational yet and we’ll see if it ever gets off the ground, pun intended.

A Stranger Is Only a Friend You Haven’t Met?

If you feel like your Facebook page can use more friends you may use the new service called Airtime. It collects details about your likes and interests and finds people who have the same interests. If you don’t like the strangers that it brings up for you, you can click the “next” button to move on to the next person. This service is only for those people lonely enough to sort through the often shady world of online strangers.


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