There are several different web browsers available today for people to choose from. This list includes browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and classic Explorer. What is it that makes someone choose one over another? Does your choice in browsers say something about your character? Blogthings.com thinks so.

Different Key Strokes for Different Folks

Blogthings.com thinks that Chrome users tend to be more bold. They are willing to try new things, even when those things haven’t been researched.

But what if you utilize Firefox? Based on Blogthings, you’re untamed and willing to buck the system. What ifyou use Internet Explorer? Then you’re likely to be a down-to-earth person who plays by the rules. Opera users, as reported by the quiz, like to chart their own course to victory. These users can adapt to any situation, the site says, with grace and elegance.

Explorer Still Number One

In the end, regardless of the browser you employ, and what that may or may not say about you, Internet Explorer remains the most favored. The website W3Counter says that Explorer holds a market share of 28.8 percent in the browser world. Chrome comes in second, with 26.4 percent. Firefox is third, with 23.3 percent, while Safari pulls up fourth with 6.2 percent. Opera ranks fifth with a market share of 2.3 percent.

Searching for the Right Browsers

The Blogthings quiz is interesting, but an array of users rely on each of these browsers. Some individuals use multiple browser depending on what they are using the Internet for at any given time. Our advice? Don’t just take the browser that comes with your pc. Sure, it might possibly be your favorite one. But you’ll can’t predict this until you try the competitors. You could find that some smaller browser out there is the perfect fit for you.

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