The world is relying more and more on mobile devices and this has made not only battery life, but also our capability to charge our devices on the go very important. We have seen solar chargers, and other innovative products come out as a solution to this. But think about using our clothing! It might seem strange but inventors have been developing clothing and material which actually charges devices. A recent Mashable story discusses a few and we have gone into more detail below.

Rain Boots that Charge Your Phone

A British mobile carrier called Orange partnered with GotWind to build some rain boots that can be used to change phones. They were unveiled at the Glastonbury Music Festival and were just a prototype. They did get mobile users excited and perhaps this will be a hint of the technologies to come.

Military Tech

The military is often coming up with innovative technologies and this is true for charging technology also. The military is currently using a product developed by Intellectual Textiles. It is bits of fabric that are sewn into vests, shirts, and helmets. Essentially, it charges one battery at a time. Then the power from that battery is sent to whatever device needs to be charged through the clothing.

The Most Advanced Felt in the World

Scientists at the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University are working on a fabric they call Power Felt. It sounds like science fiction, but Power Felt is actually a thermoelectric device that, when fully engineered, will be able to turn body heat into electric current. This current could then be used to charge numerous devices – smartphones, tablets, and music players.

These technologies will change the way we charge our devices and almost remove the limitations we currently have because of inadequate batteries. That will be an excellent day!


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