If you own an iPad or iPhone you might have observed that Safari is the default browser. Safari is a powerful browser, but what if you prefer Chrome, Opera, or Dolphin? You may not be aware of it, but you can download any browser you want onto your device. However, you cannot set anything other than Safari as the default browser on your device without manually tinkering with it, which is something only experienced techies should try.

The default option

Safari being your default browser basically means that when you click a link in a program, Safari will open and navigate you to the webpage. If you wish to use a different browser, you must copy the link, and paste it into your preferred browser. This added step may not be one that is worth it to you, but it’s the only method to utilize a browser other than Safari on your iDevice.

Alternative browsers

Rob Pegoraro, a columnist for USA Today, pointed out in a recent article that with the release of Chrome, Google has been trying to highlight the fact that alternative browsers can be utilised on iPads and iPhones. And it is very easy to do this, just navigate to your preferred browser’s home page, and go through the download instructions for iOS.

A mix and match approach

Using different browsers for different purposes can help you stay organized. For example, you might want to use Safari as your general web surfing browser, and use Chrome or Opera to keep the tabs open you use for private matters. Or perhaps you would like to use Dolphin for business. In any case, do not let the fact that Safari is your gadget’s default browser stop you from downloading and utilizing your favorite browser.


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