Still using Windows 7? Don’t feel bad. This operating system is actually a pretty efficient one, much easier to use than earlier Microsoft Windows products. And with just a couple tips, you can make Windows 7 a much more powerful operating system.

Access videos from your Start menu: With the Windows 7 Start menu, you can easily access your Pictures and Music folders, however, you can’t do the same with your Videos folder. You can, nonetheless, change this. First right-click on the Start button and choose “Properties.” On the screen that pops up, go to the Start Menu tab and click “Customize.” A dialogue box will appear. Scroll to its bottom, try to find the Videos section, and pick “Display as a link.” Click “OK” once and then again. Now, you can actually connect to your videos right from the Start menu.

Modify your Shut Down button: If you are not someone who shuts their computer down often, you can customize your Shut Down button to put your computer to sleep, or restart it. Right click the Start button and click “Properties.” After locating the Start Menu tab select the “Power button action” menu. A drop down menu will appear which gives you a list of actions you can set as your Shut Down button’s action.

Add some privacy to your online searching: Windows 7 Internet Explorer automatically displays the most recent searches you have preformed. If this is bothersome to you or you would like more privacy, you can elect to turn this off. To do this, go the Start menu’s search box and type GPEDIT.MSC then click “Enter.” After you do this, the Group Policy Editor will start. Then you’re able to select “User configuration” and choose “Administrative Templates,” “Windows Components,” and “Windows Explorer.” Once here, double-click “Turn off display of recent search entries in the Windows Explorer search box,” click “Enabled” and then hit “OK.”


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