Writing with a word processor should be a simple task. However, the king of the word processors, Microsoft Word, really isn’t about simplicity. No, Microsoft Word is about loads and loads of features. Unfortunately, most users won’t need the majority of these bells and whistles.

Too many features with Word?

One irritating thing about Microsoft Word is that many of its features are automatically applied to your document. For instance, auto indentations and capitalizations. If you did not want a word capitalized or a paragraph indented you have to take extra steps to reformat your document. Microsoft Word also underlines grammatical errors and misspelling, making your document visually disorderly.

For people who do not want to battle with Microsoft Word you can find alternatives. The following programs may make your life easier and don’t cost a thing!

Free Word alternatives

One of the greatest word processors on the market, other than Microsoft Word, is WordPad. This program comes preinstalled on Microsoft-powered desktops and has evolved considerably since it’s release on Windows 95. What started as a very simplistic text editor, now has most of the features that almost all people use when in Word. To access this program: Navigate to the Windows’ start button, go to “All Programs.” WordPad may be found in the “Accessories” file.

Word’s online competitors

Even better, though, might be OpenOffice.org Writer. OpenOffice is well known for providing free versions of many of Microsoft’s more expensive programs, such as Word and Excel. This writing program is particularly powerful, giving users the same amount of options that Microsoft Word provides at no charge. On top of that, OpenOffice.org Writer is far more intuitive to use, and it doesn’t come with a lot of the frustrating ticks that come with Microsoft Word.

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