When we work on a computer all day we tend to take breaks and visit humorous sites like The Chive, or news sites like CNN. It can be good to take breaks, but if you find that you are visiting them very frequently, this could be seriously affecting your productivity. If you work in Chrome a lot, there are several extensions you can use to help you with your productivity. Not too long ago The Huffington Post wrote a story that showcased several different add-ons. We have picked our favorite 4 and discussed them below.

Stay Focused

This neat add-on sets a timer for specific sites. As you go to the sites throughout the day the time counts down. Once it runs out the add-on will block the site for the remainder of the day.

Cool Clock

If you often find that you miss appointments or forget to go to meetings, Cool clock may become your new best friend. It has a clock, calendar, alarm, and timer built into it. It also lets you set desktop time notifications. Another great use for this is to use it to set reminders for tasks you must complete.

Last Pass

It can be very tough to remember all of your passwords; which ones have numbers or letters, and which letters are capitalized. Last Pass is a Chrome add-on that can help you with this. It manages your online passwords for you so that you do not have to waste your time struggling to remember them.

Turn off the Lights

Sometimes we need to watch rather uninteresting videos as part of our jobs. It can be hard to focus on those videos when there are many distractions online and on your desktop. That’s where the Chrome extension Turn off the Lights comes in. This add-on keeps your media player bright but dims anything else on your screen. Use this extension and you’ll have no excuse for drifting from that corporate video.

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