Business Insider recently ran an intriguing look at the way the Internet works. This is a intriguing account since many of us are getting reliant on the online world in such a short time. Most people don’t really know how this colossal communications and data tool really works. Business Insider, though, found several interesting details of what really transpires online. Based on the story, 27 percent of U.S. consumers use their smartphones and the mobile Internet to shop. Seven percent of U.S. consumers have purchased things from online auction sites. U.S. residents aren’t shy about banking on the internet, either. As per Business Insider, 33 percent of U.S. residents use their smartphones and Internet for mobile banking. Here are some more of the most intriguing:

Facebook is King

You might know Facebook as that place where all of your acquaintances boast regarding their latest vacations or post daily that game-winning goal their kid scored for the high school football team. But did you also realize that Facebook essentially dominates the Internet when it comes to online traffic? It’s true. Based on numbers from Hitwise, Facebook accounts for one out of every five page views on online. This past year, Facebook soared past the 1-billion-user mark.

The Biggest Data Center is Rising in Utah

Do you know where the largest data center is situated? Soon, it’s going to be Utah. As reported by Business Insider, the National Security Agency is already in the process of making a massive data center in the state. As soon as the center is ready for operation, it will store an awesome yottabyte of data. Like most of us, you probably have no idea just what a yottabyte is. But the name is certainly impressive. And know this: A yottabyte of data represents a totally large amount of data. A yottabyte is the same as 1,000 zettabytes or 1 million exabytes.

Streaming is on the Rise

Do you stream movies or TV shows on your TV, computer or tablet? Even if you don’t, the possibilities are high that your next door neighbor likely does. Streaming has become one of the Internet’s most widely used features. According to the Business Insider story, quoting statistics from Harris Interactive, in excess of Half of U.S. residents are now using the Internet to view TV. Streaming video has become an especially desired service among the many younger customers that are flocking to Web streaming. According to Business Insider, streaming is a huge hit among individuals below the age of 35.


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