Looking for that perfect tablet? You’ve got loads of choices today, from the classic iPad to the upstart Galaxy tablets. But which device is truly the best buy? Which provides you top effectiveness at a reasonable cost? And, this being tablets we’re discussing, which best fits within your purse or book bag? At least one Website has a interesting answer: the iPad Mini.

The Benefits of the Mini

The editors at WireCutter chose the Mini for one simple reason: It weighs way less than its heavier cousin, the traditional iPad. But even though it weighs less, the iPad Mini is equally as powerful as its larger cousin. This, the editors assert, is all essential in terms of judging a tablet. The main benefit of a tablet, in fact, is that it is smaller compared to a laptop. Consumers can more easily tote it along with them on the train, to the gym or to the local bistro. A tablet that is easy to carry, then, should definitely rank on top of the tablet world. If that very same tablet is just as powerful as much larger versions? Then that tablet wins acceptance as being the best available, based upon WireCutter.


Best of all, the iPad Mini, although smaller compared to the iPad, functions just as well as its larger cousin. The author of the WireCutter blog wrote about totting both models of the iPad in a bag, enjoying movies on both devices and lugging them around the house. The final consensus was clear: The Mini was much more comfortable to hold on to. And watching movies, reading books, listening to music, surfing the net and playing games was not less impressive on the scaled-down device.

The right recommendation?

Of course, this is simply one Web site’s viewpoint. Your opinion may vary. The best way to decide which tablet meets your needs: Shop around. Check out the different tablets in the closest bookstore or technology retailer. See which of them feel over weight, which of them boast the best graphics and which have the most intuitive Browser or greatest variety of apps. It might feel like there are too many tablets available today. But wouldn’t you prefer too many of these awesome devices than too few?

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