Tech company Orchestra may have addressed your mobile e-mail woes. This company’s new Mailbox app developed for iPhone has gotten excellent reviews. It may be the mobile e-mail app that smart phone users have been looking forward to. Most people use our smart phones to send and receive e-mail messages. The fact is that, most mobile e-mail programs are clunky and slow. They can be far from intuitive. But Mailbox for your iPhone? It just could be the perfect mobile e-mail app.


The main difference between Mailbox and other mobile e-mail programs? Mailbox feels as though it has been made for exactly how people actually use their smartphones. Think about the way you save, archive or delete messages with Mailbox: You do everything by swiping. Should you swipe your message to the left, you save it for a later time. If you swipe it to the right, you archive it. When you swipe to the right while holding, you’ll delete an e-mail message. Finally, if you swipe to the left while holding, you’ll open a new List screen. From this point, you can move messages or label them.


Mailbox also permits you to view e-mail messages in a fashion that is practical for smart phones. For example, Mailbox initially displays only the important part of an email, hiding such extraneous bits as signatures. But if you tap an email, it opens into its expanded state, one that shows signatures as well as the “To” and “From” fields. Reviewers have mentioned that composing and sending messages through Mailbox feels more like sending a Tweet over a traditional e-mail. Again, this is as it should be. Mobile tech users are Twitter savvy. There’s even a nice texting feel to the app. Users who tap messages or conversations won’t see conventional e-mail messages. Instead, they’ll access smaller chat bubbles.

To Do

Finally, Mailbox provides a kind of handy to-do list for your e-mail messages. It’s not hard to access options that allow you to choose when a message, after you’ve read it, will reappear in your inbox. You can select from such options as “Later Today”, “This Evening”, “Tomorrow” and “Next Week”. For any especially long-term messages, you can select the “In a Month” option. Our recommendation? If you are frustrated by e-mail clients that are slow or that feel like they were designed solely for desktop computers, explore Orchestra’s Mailbox. The chances are you’ll enjoy it.

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