Windows 8 represents a dramatic change for Microsoft’s venerable operating system: It’s designed to work not only with mouse and keyboard but additionally using a touch screen. But many users who upgrade to the new os aren’t going to be running Windows 8 on a touch screen. They’ll be depending on older computers that still operate the old-fashioned way, with keyboard and mouse controls. Then there are tablet users, users who run Windows 8 only on tablets are also not receiving the complete Windows 8 experience. There are just some functions that simply run better with mouse and keyboard control. That doesn’t mean, though, that people who rely either on tablets or traditional computers won’t be able to use the many features included in the new operating system. They can. They simply have to choose the right peripherals. PC Magazine recently ran a story outlining just what these peripherals are.

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

If you’re running Windows 8 on a tablet, you’ll want a high-end mobile keyboard for when you want to reproduce the desktop experience. The Microsoft Wedge may be your best choice. This is because it’s not just a solid keyboard, it’s one built exclusively to work with Windows 8. The keyboard features several built-in Windows 8 functions to enable you to tap completely into the power of Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad

Want to access all those touch-screen features included in Windows 8 without needing to get a tablet or some other touch-screen device? Try the Logitech T650 Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad. This device works so well that the editors at PC Mag have made it their top choice for Windows 8 computer mice.

Kingston DataTraveler Workspace

Need to take your Windows 8 experience on the road, but you’d rather not lug a laptop on the plane? It’s time for you to get the Kingston DataTraveler Workspace. This nifty device appears to be a standard USB drive. But it actually contains Windows To Go, a portable version of the Windows 8 operating system. Using this device, that fits in your pocket, you can boot up Windows 8 on any computer of your choice.

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