Are you like technology writer Andy Ihnatko? The writer never imagined he would dump his iPhone. As he writes in a newly released column for the Tech Hive Website, he purchased his first iPhone when Apple was introducing its first-generation versions. And he has raved about the gadgets in his tech writing. Nevertheless that didn’t stop Ihnatko from converting just recently to a Samsung Galaxy S III. The reason? The Android operating system that powers the phone. In Ihnatko’s opinion, this operating system has grown to become more efficient, powerful and intuitive than the system powering iPhones, iOS.

Making the switch

Ihnatko writes that he’s long been a fan of the iPhone. He obtained the first generation of the smartphone. And he did it during a time when AT&T offered an unlimited data plan. He still had that unlimited plan before making the decision to change to an Android smartphone. What’s that mean? It indicates that Ihnatko really must like Android to give up that unlimited data plan.

Color him impressed

Ihnatko writes that the Android operating system has simply evolved into what he calls a great operating system. Concurrently, the hardware that runs this system – the smartphones themselves – have grown more powerful, too, he writes. That combo has steered him away from the iPhone and toward Android-powered smartphones. Ihnatko is so enamored of his Galaxy smartphone, he has even given up on the unlimited data plan that he held with his iPhone, a plan he had since he had joined iPhone nation so early.

Two crucial factors

Ihnatko identifies two key factors when detailing his smartphone switch. First, the keyboards that come with Android smartphones are simpler to use than are those that come with iPhones, he writes. Secondly, the screens on Android-powered phones are larger. That makes a big difference in an age in which users use their smartphones to surf the Web and watch movies.

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