If your business isn’t growing, it’s dying. That’s why it’s crucial that you stay on the lookout for new solutions to improve your small business. There’s one area, though, in which small business owners often neglect to look for growth strategies: IT. Yes, you can improve your business’ revenue by investing in IT. Small Business Computing.com provides a roadmap, listing several IT projects that can help make your business and employees more efficient and productive.


The bring-your-device movement is growing. This makes sense: Employees often work more efficiently when they can work on their own tablets, laptops and smartphones on the job. After all, they are more acquainted with these units. Taking their own devices to work also helps when employees have to put the final touches on a report or presentation when they’re at home or on the road. However, this policy only works when your office has a strong and reliable Wi-Fi network that employees are able to use to access the Web, send and receive e-mail messages and update your company’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Make investing in a dependable Wi-Fi network a key goal of 2013.

Invest in Ultrabooks

Ultrabooks are outstanding tools. They’re not as cumbersome as traditional laptops and much more powerful than Netbooks. They can also help your employees bring in more business: They can take their Ultrabooks home with them or on the road when they’re traveling to work on reports and presentations. They can run multimedia presentations for prospective customers. And Ultrabooks are more affordable than ever today. If you’d like your staff to reach their full potential, equip them with Ultrabooks.

Wipe out Windows XP

Do you still have computers that run the Windows XP operating system? That’s a mistake. As Small Business Computing.com highlights, Microsoft will not provide technical support for this operating system as of early April 2014. The company will no longer distribute regular security updates for the system as of this time. Running Windows XP, then, means that not only will your employees be working on a decade-old operating system, but their computers will also be highly vulnerable to virus attacks. Make the smart move and upgrade to a more current Windows operating system.

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