Tablets come with a number of advantages: They’re incredibly portable. Their screens are sharp. And they let us send and receive e-mail messages, scan the Web and watch movies whether we’re sitting on a train or huddled in our favorite public library. Yet they’re not perfect. For starters, sharing your screen using tablet is a hassle, right? Maybe not. Miguel Leiva-Gomez, a writer for the smallbiz technology Web site, says that a variety of new apps make it easier than ever before for tablet owners to share screens with other people.


Leiva-Gomez has high praise for join.me, a Web service which offers collaborative screen sharing for a variety of platforms. To use the iOS app, though, users will need to pay up for the program’s “pro” version, one that carries a fee of just under $20 a month. The application comes with file-sharing, instant chat and Internet calling. Leiva-Gomez describes this package as one that will satisfy the needs of virtually any user.

Air Sketch

Leiva-Gomez states that this app will turn your tablet into a whiteboard with such features as multiple pages. Users can use images from their own libraries as the background of their whiteboard and they can rely on one of five different drawing tools. Users are also able to use Air Sketch to open PDFs. The program displays everything in real time, creating an environment well suited to collaboration.

Conference Pad

The Conference Pad completes Leiva-Gomez’s screen-sharing all-stars, and with good reason. This is a no-frills screen-sharing app, but it’s also a potent one. The app is especially impressive with regards to zoom. Users can zoom into any part of their documents or images without sacrificing an iota of image quality. And like the other screen-sharing apps that Leiva-Gomez highlights, it’s an easy one to understand and make use of, meaning that tablet owners will be sharing their screens almost immediately.

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