How much time do you spend staring at computer screens at work? You probably don’t want to know. But your eyes are undoubtedly being affected by it. The everon blog recently covered the important issue of eyestrain. According to the story, workers who spend too much time looking into screens can suffer watery, dry or blurry eyes. They might also experience headaches, an inability to focus and an increased sensitivity to light. The good news is, it’s not too difficult for workers to keep eyestrain at bay. As everon says, it’s all about following one simple rule.

The Secret

What’s the secret to avoiding eyestrain? Employees merely need to follow the 20/20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes, people need to turn away from their computer screens for 20 seconds. They should then look at an object or image that stands at least 20 feet away. This surprisingly simple exercise can help keep eyestrain at bay. And it can make employees more efficient. And, best of all, everon found several worthy apps which can remind employees of when it’s time to take an eye break.


The everon story even highlights several apps to help you remember to take these micro breaks. One such app, Workrave, will pop onto your screen to remind you to take your break. The app will also suggest exercises that can help boost the strength of your eyes, back and shoulders. The EyeLeo app blocks your computer screen each hour, forcing you to get out of your chair and do something different. The app will then demonstrate a simple exercise that you can tackle before your screen returns to normal.

The Coffee Break App

Finally, there’s Coffee Break. This app, available only for Apple products, slowly darkens computer screens. When an employee’s break arrives, the screen will be completely dark. It’s a good reminder that it’s time for a short eye break. Obviously, even the niftiest reminder apps can’t force workers to get out of their chairs and turn from their computer screens. It’s up to employees themselves to take care of their eyes.

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