Think size is all that matters when selecting a computer monitor? Think again. Different kinds of computer monitors boast different features. Some respond especially quickly to commands, and are, for that reason, favorites among avid video gamers. Others reproduce the sharpest colors imaginable, and are better-suited to animators and graphic designers. The message here? Purchasing a computer monitor takes homework. But if you do your homework, you can find the LCD computer monitor that works best for you.

Size isn’t all that matters

As the Lifehacker Website says, before you purchase a computer monitor, you need to know exactly how you use your computer. Do you devote long hours gaming? Perhaps you love to watch your favorite tv shows and movies using your pc. Or perhaps you just use your computer to search the Web and respond to e-mail . However you use your computer, there’s a monitor this really is perfect for you, says Lifehacker. You simply need to discover it.

Monitor types

The Coding Horror blog, by writer Jeff Atwood, states that most monitors sold these days are TN models. That’s because these monitors are less costly. They also have screens that respond quickly. But TN monitors aren’t perfect. Coding Horror ranks their viewing angles and color reproduction abilities as only average. Users can also choose from IPS monitors, which boast excellent color reproduction and excellent viewing angles. Their response times are solid, though not as quick as those of TN monitors. The downside? They are the most expensive monitors on the market.


Consider the VA monitor as being the sound middle choice. Coding Horror says that these monitors boast good color reproduction capabilities and good viewing angles. The response time, though, is only average. Also, the monitors’ colors tend to shift when uses look at them from the wrong angle. These monitors can be more expensive than TN monitors but less expensive than their IPS cousins.

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