Want to buy the laptop that best runs Windows software? Then you may need to purchase a 13-inch MacBook Pro. At least that’s the advice from PC services company Soluto, which recently ranked Windows laptops. Yes, it is strange that the best-performing Windows laptop is in fact made by Microsoft’s big rival, Apple.

The Study

Tech site CNET recently reported on Soluto’s research. The services company looked at the number of frustrating events on Windows laptops. It discovered that MacBook Pros that have Windows software installed suffered far less of these annoyances than did any other Windows laptop.

Better Performance

Soluto researchers learned that Windows programs were simply less buggy when installed and run on a MacBook Pro. And, yes, this ought to be embarrassing for Microsoft. Traditional PC makers such as Acer and Dell ranked behind the MacBook Pro.

Fewer Crashes

Crashes are a too-frequent problem on many Windows laptops. Not so on the MacBook Pro. Based on the Soluto analysis, Windows programs set up on the MacBok Pro crashed less often than they did on laptops made by such PC stalwarts as Dell and Acer. Is this another embarrassment to Microsoft? You bet.

Photo credit: Confusion by rgallant_photography (CC BY 2.0)

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