Quick: Name the most effective desktop operating system available today. Did you say Windows 8? If not, PC World writer Brad Chacos would like to debate you. He just recently wrote that Windows 8, despite having its well-publicized problems, ranks as the best desktop OS today. This goes against the trend, of course, with a long line of critics slamming Windows 8 frequently in the tech press. Is Chacos right? Is Windows 8 unfairly belittled? Have a look at some of the positive Windows 8 features that Chacos highlights.

The Offerings

What’s the biggest reason for this love? Chacos points to the immense library of software that comes with Windows 8. No other operating system offers the variety and breadth of software that accompanies Windows operating systems.

To Sync

Apple’s iCloud service has earned excellent reviews. But Chacos writes that Microsoft justifies more praise for the syncing abilities inherent in Windows 8. As Chacos writes, all you need is a Microsoft online account to immediately sync files, videos, photos and reports to any other computer running Windows 8. You can also immediately synch everything from browser specifications to desktop preferences. This syncing ability easily outpaces iCloud and the syncing abilities of any other operating system, Chacos writes.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer doesn’t get a lot of respect. However the browser has really improved greatly in the years since Firefox has hit the scene, Chacos says. Nowadays, the browser is easy to navigate. It’s also quite customizable. Best of all? Internet Explorer offers lots of protection from hackers and cyber criminals, Chacos writes. Computer-security company Symantec recently ranked Internet Explorer as one of the most secure browsers out there.

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