What’s more aggravating than seeing your smartphone or laptop slowly but steadily run out of power as you travel? Fortunately, you don’t have to endure this. That’s because external battery packs let you plug virtually any tablet, smartphone or laptop computer into them. The battery packs power your dying devices. But which external battery pack to choose? The Lifehacker Web site asked its readers to rank their favorite battery packs. Here’s what the readers had to say.

Anker Astro

Anker produces three solid external battery packs in its Astro line, the 3E, 4E and Pro. All three of these devices ranked high among Lifehacker readers, mainly for the powerful charges they provide. Readers also enjoy the Astro line’s small sizes and even smaller prices.

New Trent

New Trent is well known, deservedly so, for its iCarrier and iGeek external battery packs. These packs, will also provide powerful charges to devices. They come with indicators lights that quickly tell users just how much power their external battery packs still hold. That way, you’ll never be unpleasantly surprised by a dead charger.

Energizer XP

Energizer is a huge name in batteries, so it is little surprise that its XP series of external battery packs ranks high among Lifehacker readers. One of the biggest selling points? These devices come with a wide selection of tips and cables that allow you to charge practically any phone available, even older models.

Photo credit: Battery Recycling by moria (CC BY 2.0)

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