With over 900,000 apps in just the Apple App Store alone, deciding which apps to download to your new smartphone can be an overwhelming task. After a quick interoffice poll, here are some of the apps the team at Marathon Consulting can’t live without.

As IT consulting pros who live and work in New York & Denver, we definitely put our apps through their paces.  Most of these apps are free. Some have premium versions that require a purchase that unlocks additional features.

Trello – This is a very easy-to-use task manager. You create “boards” for each project you’re working on and then tasks become “cards” on each board. Finished your monthly report? Move your “Monthly Report” card over to the “Done” board. You can invite other Trello users to view and participate in your projects. And it syncs between your phone, tablet and computer so you can stay on task no matter what screen you’re using.

Evernote – Once you get a feel for how Evernote works, it will quickly become your online filing cabinet. In addition text-based notes, you can save web links, photos and audio. Evernote makes text in images searchable, so snap a photo of the whiteboard from your last brainstorm and the text will come up in a search for keywords later on.

Nebulous – If you just need to take notes without any bells and whistles, this is the app for you. This plain text editor syncs to your Dropbox account to give you universal access and backup.

Fly Delta – If you’re a frequent Delta airlines flyer, you can manage all your travel arrangements from their mobile app. It lets you book tickets, becomes your eBoarding pass and then serves up your Sky in-flight magazine once you settle in to your seat.

Seamless – Use this handy app to order food from participating restaurants. Review dozens of menus on your phone when you leave work and then have your favorite delivered to your home or you can swing by to pick it up. Time to dump the stack of takeout menus on top of your fridge after you finish downloading this one.

Google Maps – This one is especially important if you have an iPhone as the native maps app leaves something to be desired. You can check traffic conditions, public transportation routes and get step-by-step directions. You can use it to find the nearest restaurant or other points of interest as well.

Shazam – This app uses your phone to grab a snippet of that song on the radio or in the coffee shop you can’t quite name. It gives you artist info and links to iTunes, Spotify and more. Shazam can also grab the sound from your favorite TV show and give you access to interactive features and insider information while you watch.

Kindle – Keep up on your reading on the go. You can highlight text, add notes and the app will remember where you left off if you read on multiple devices. Many authors offer a free first chapter for the Kindle so you can get a feel for a new book before having to buy it.

HBO GO – Catch the latest Game of Thrones or True Blood episode from your phone or tablet. You do need to be a current HBO subscriber to use this app. Also, make sure you’re connected to a wi-fi network so you don’t bust your monthly data plan. You’ll get access of all of HBO’s original content like Girls, Rome and the Sopranos plus a changing roster of hit movies, comedy specials and documentaries.

Which apps would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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