At Marathon Consulting, we take great pride in building a creative and fun culture for our team of IT consultants and engineers.

Our team and their family and friends had a great time at the Brooklyn Color Run in July. The run is an untimed race that is an enormously fun activity for all ages. If you’re not interested in running you are welcome to walk the course and be part of the experience.

What sets the Color Run apart from other races, and gives this event its name, are the different color stations along the route. Runners are doused with brightly colored corn starch at each kilometer of the race. Each runner ends up looking like piece of modern art by the time they cross the finish line.

A local charity receives a portion of the proceeds from each race. The official charity for July’s race was the Children’s Cancer and Blood Foundation. CCBF is dedicated to the care of children with cancer and blood disorders.

The fall edition of the Brooklyn Color Run is coming September 7 and 8 and is being held at Aviator Sports and Events Center.

Tip for newbie runners: bring sunglasses or another form of eye protection in case the clouds of color happen to bug your eyes.

Check out some great photos of our team at the race. Give the Color Run a try. You’ll have a ball!

Photo credit: Marathon’s own Brian Kingsley

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