Working from a remote office has pros and cons. Employees can enjoy the freedom of living in different parts of the country and employers are able to reach talent outside of their geographical area. On the other hand, some employers see remote employees as a challenge to building a strong company culture.

The team at Marathon spans a number of different time zones and we have found that investing in a quality webcam and remote meeting software is an effective solution to keep the team on the same page. These tools help remote workers connect with the main office team while continuing to give them the flexibility of working off-site.

By taking advantage of a video conferencing solution like Skype or GoToMeeting, remote workers and the team at HQ can still build relationships through real-time interaction. Seeing a person’s facial expressions and body language communicates nuances that get lost in even the most detailed instant messaging discussion. By adding a visual element to team communications, it becomes easier to avoid the understandings that can happen in text-based mediums like emails and IM.

Remote workers need to think about a few things for web meetings. They will want to pay attention to what they are wearing and be aware of background noise. They should also take a second to move the onscreen interface for the meeting right under the camera on their monitor. This little trick will help them keep eye contact with the camera.

Desktop virtualization offers remote workers access to your company’s network from virtually any location. Our engineers can help you create a remote work platform with videoconferencing for your office. Contact the team at Marathon Consulting about your specific communication needs so that we can build the best telecommuting platform for your growing team!!

Photo credit: New Webcam Logitech Pro 9000 by Hannaford (CC BY 2.0)

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