While there are a number of great things about working for Marathon Consulting and Stack Advisors, I’d point to our annual holiday party as one of the best examples of what sets these companies apart from other organizations.

XmasOffice2013About six weeks before the event, everyone on the team picked out white elephant gifts to exchange with our co-workers and received cryptic emails about the clandestine party itinerary.

The employees who’ve been part of past holiday spectaculars shared stories of the fun everyone had at prior events. Then we all began to wonder where we would be going and what may be in store because Scott Wilson and Bill Stucklen, Marathon’s co-founders, take great pride in keeping every, single detail for the event a very big secret.

The week of the party, all of the out-of-state employees (Colorado, Florida and Pennsylvania) and their significant others were flown in to New York on Wednesday so we could spend time in the office with the NYC team before the event on Friday night. The energy in the office for the next three days was electric. Marathon and Stack do a great job of making sure team members who work outside of the Brooklyn office feel like they are part of the family but getting to meet everyone face-to-face was a wonderful experience.

It’s Party Time

The night of the party, we started with the white elephant gift exchange at the office. Then our annual awards were given out to recognize team members that went above and beyond in 2013.

OutsideGuysOnce we finished up at the office, it was time to head down to midtown Manhattan to begin our evening out (which we had been warned would stretch long into the next morning).

Did I mention no one knew what the agenda was for the night? Scott and Bill did all of the work and planning for the party themselves to show their appreciation for the teams they have built. When I asked them why they don’t let anyone help, they both commented that the party is a great opportunity to be of service to their teams. Assigning the logistics to other people would turn the event into just another to-do to cross off of their lists. By doing all the work (wrapping gifts, booking flights, ALL OF IT), they both get to show their dedication to everyone at Marathon and Stack.

The consensus among the Marathoners/Stackers who ventured a guess as to the agenda for the night was that we were going to pick up a bus and head out of town. Wrong! Once everyone had assembled near Times Square, it turned out we had a private room at Guy Fieri’s restaurant for appetizers and drinks.

At Guy’s place, Scott and Bill continued an ongoing tradition of selecting a special t-shirt for each member of the team. The designs ranged from cute to risqué but all were carefully selected to fit the personality or job of the recipient.

At this point, you may think, “great food, open bar, cool gifts…sounds like a heck of a night!” and you’d be right but that was only the warm up act.

Rocking On Broadway

Next stop for everyone (and, don’t forget, their significant others) were orchestra seats to see the Broadway musical Rock of Ages. Right before the show, we were all instructed to stick around after curtain and not leave the theater. This stirred up more guessing as to what would come next. Karaoke on the stage? A private tour of the building? No one could be sure. The show was an entertaining celebration of 1980s heavy metal music. Once the cast took their final curtain call, we all move to the front of the theatre and waited while the rest of the audience left for the night.

It turned out Scott and Bill had arranged a meet-and-greet with the cast of the show. The cast of this Broadway musical that has been running for over five years spent 20 minutes chatting with the Marathon/Stack team.

Heck of a night, right? The holiday party at any other job might have maybe been the trip to the restaurant, right? We weren’t done yet.

Time for Some Bowling

Bowling2013After the talk with the cast of the show, it was on to Bowlmor Lanes a few blocks from the theatre to do our best Big Lebowski impressions, enjoy more great food and drink and see who was the highest roller in the group. Turns out that was Jonathan, our Marketing Outreach Coordinator.

It was an amazing night that lasted well into the next morning. The leadership at Marathon Consulting and Stack Advisors pride themselves on building a world-class team of IT experts and making sure that everyone who is part of the team feels like part of a family.

Thanks Scott and Bill!

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