Marathon Consulting has been providing proactive IT support for our clients in the Greater New York Area since 2002. We’ve always added new services as we’ve grown to make sure we continue to meet our clients’ evolving IT needs.

Helping clients build and maintain a strong business web presence is the focus of Marathon’s new Web Services division. m|Web offers our clients the opportunity to partner with Marathon’s team to build and support their company website.

Brian Pritchett, our Web Services Manager, is the go-to guy at Marathon if you’re ready to redesign your business website.

How did you find your job at Marathon? Bill Stucklen and I met in high school, and we were roommates in college and pretty much best buddies since forever. We were living together in Manhattan back in the ‘90s before the first big Internet crash. The salad days. Bill was working in IT, and I was working at a web news startup called APBnews.com. One day I was chatting with our CTO, Scott Wilson, and he told me that he was looking for a right-hand man for the IT department, and I recommended Bill. I also told Scott that Bill was making about twice as much as he was actually making at his current job, which got Bill a nice raise. But don’t tell Scott that.

What were you doing before joining Marathon? In college I did tech support for QuickBooks, and then after college I got a job at a local ISP in Colorado, where I taught myself HTML, and that pretty much got the ball rolling on my career. I moved to New York and worked for another ISP for a while before breaking into web development. I started off as an HTML guy, and then before long I was a project manager and producer. I worked at a lot of little startups, and then for Marathon for a few years, but we really weren’t doing much Web stuff back then, and that’s really what I’m interested in. I went to PBS for several years, where I produced websites for shows like American Masters, which was a lot of fun. After that I spent a long time at the New York City Department of Education, mostly working on the new site for the Public School Athletic League. The site is sort of like espn.com for New York high school sports. When that wrapped up I came home to Marathon.

How would you answer the cocktail party question of “what do you do?” It depends who I’m talking to. If I’m with people in my field I describe myself as a web producer or project manager. Otherwise, I usually say “I build websites.”

What kind of career experience do you have? I was an English major in school. The nice thing about the Web, especially in the years when I was starting out, is that it’s so approachable and self-teachable. I had a Prodigy account way back in the day, and a 2600 baud modem. I was spending a lot of time reading the web, and then I figured out how to view the source code on the sites I liked. I launched my first personal site in 2005, and it got picked up as a recommended site on Excite! It was very exciting back then but no one under the age of 40 is even going to know what I’m talking about right now. Anyway, I’m pretty much self-taught, but I’ve been doing this forever.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Marathon? I’ve worked in so many places where there’s a lot of hierarchy and bureaucracy, and the fun thing about Marathon is that we can come up with ideas and implement them quickly, without having to worry about all that other stuff. I’m in the process of building out our Web Division, and also launching a new commercial software product. Both of those things are great fun.

What do you think sets Marathon apart? Well, I remember when Marathon started back in 2003 or so, and it was pretty much four people in a little room that wasn’t very well air-conditioned. When I came back six months ago, I was amazed at what Bill and Scott had built. It’s a fully professional organization now, with a great culture and a lot of talented people doing top-notch work. I’m really proud of my buddies for putting that together.

What’s your favorite part about working at Marathon? Well, the snacks are free. But… this is something I guess I’ve figured out after working at a lot of different places in my career: working with people that you get along with is crucial. The people at Marathon are some of my oldest and best friends, and I’ve made a lot of new ones since I’ve come back. You can’t really beat that when it comes to job satisfaction.

What do you like to do for fun? Lately I’ve been travelling a lot. I just got back from a long weekend on the beach in Puerto Rico, which was beautiful, although I’m sunburned as hell because somehow I’ve never managed to figure out that I should use suntan lotion on the beach. I also went to Denver for the AFC Championship game, which was the official end of the football season this year, as far as I’m concerned.

What is your dream vacation spot? I want to go just about everywhere. Right now I guess the top of my list includes Italy, Spain and Greece… I’ve been to Europe several times but somehow I’ve always ended up in the cold Northern parts. I’m also dying to go to Vietnam and the South Pacific.

Favorite sports team? The Denver Broncos. AND I DON’T WANT TO DISCUSS IT.

Favorite touristy NYC thing to do or recommend out-of-towners do? I always take people to The Campbell Apartment, which is this beautiful little bar hidden away in Grand Central.

Anything else you would like to include? The government faked the Super Bowl this year. It’s just like the moon landing, man. I have proof.

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