Testimonials on your website can be a great marketing asset to motivate potential prospects to contact your business. Buyers want to know what they are considering has already worked and testimonials are a smart way to share your past successes.

If you get a nice email or call from a client praising your team, consider contacting them and asking if you can get a written testimonial from them. If they reached out through email, 75% of the work is already done.

Questions to ask to help clients write a great testimonial

Writing testimonials can be kind of intimidating for a lot of people so here are some questions to use to get the ball rolling:

1. What factor made you choose us? What problem(s) were you trying to solve?
2. Was there something that might have prevented you from working with us?
3. What did you find out about your concern after you became a client?
4. What impact have you seen since becoming a client?
5. What specific aspect of our business do you like most?
6. What are a few other things you like about working with us?
7. Would you recommend us to a colleague? If so, why?
8. Is there anything you’d like to add?
9. Can we use your name and company in our marketing materials?
(Hat tip to Sean D’Souza for the original list.)

But wait…#2 and #3 are negative. Why should I ask those questions? If a prospect is having the same hesitation about your business that a current client also had and you can show how you overcame that objection, you can minimize similar concerns for the new prospect.

Only do minimal editing to testimonials received through email. Add punctuation and adjust for clear mistakes, but it’s best to let your client’s words speak for themselves.

Testimonials by phone can be easier and more fun. Ask your client to set up a 10-minute call and go through the questions while you take notes. Turn your notes into a few paragraphs and email the text to the client for their approval. Doing this process over the phone is also a good way to deepen your relationship with that client.

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