Client service is the cornerstone of our business at Marathon Consulting. The engineers on our team are uniformly awesome and love solving problems for our clients. As smart as they are, they still need your help during the troubleshooting process. 

Here are some ways you can help make it easier for our team or your IT support provider (if you’re not a current Marathon client) to get you back on track.

Before You Open a Ticket

Here are a few things to try that may solve your issue without even having to open a ticket.

Are things plugged in and turned on? This may sound silly but it’s more common than you would think. Have a look at any power strips to check and see if they have been accidentally switched off.

Reboot your machine. A number of problems can be solved by rebooting your computer to clear out the memory. The same thing applies to work done in web browsers. If most of your day is spent logged into a variety of websites and things stop working, log out of open sites and close your browser.

Try a different browser. Most users have a preference for a particular browser for their web-based work. Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer are the main choices right now. If you run into a problem, open up an alternative browser and see if you experience the same issue. Certain problems can be browser specific.

Are co-workers having the same issue? If your email or Internet access suddenly stops working, check with a colleague to see if they are experiencing the same thing. If you do find it’s affecting multiple people, choosing one person to open the ticket can be more efficient.

Time to Open a Ticket

If the above tips don’t resolve your issue and it’s time to open a ticket, keep the following points in mind once you do in order to make the time spent troubleshooting your issue more productive.

Be as specific as you can about what is wrong. When did it last work properly? Did anything recently change? Is this a recurring issue? Record error messages exactly as you see them by taking screenshots. You can do this by hitting the Print Screen key (PRTSCN) on your keyboard. The image will be automatically copied to your clipboard and you can paste that into your email. It will take a picture of your entire screen (even dual monitors). You can also use the “Snipping Tool” on PCs running Windows 7 and up to copy a specific section on your monitor. You’ll find Snipping Tool located in the Accessories folder.

Be available for a phone call if you can. Marathon can connect remotely to the PCs and servers that we manage for clients. While an engineer may not need to speak with you during the remote session, we will probably need to call you at some point during the troubleshooting process to review the situation. When you create your ticket, it’s a good idea to include the best times for an engineer to return your call if your schedule gets tricky.

Know where your Internet comes into the office. If your ticket involves Internet access issues, our engineer may walk you through some basic connection checks over the phone. This saves time and can control your costs if an onsite visit would be an extra charge.

Did someone make a mistake? If someone in the office opened an email that had a virus, accidentally deleted a file or spilled coffee on their keyboard, make sure to share that. Things like these happen to the best of us and we will be able to get things back up and running much faster when the engineer on the ticket has all the details about what may have caused the problem.

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