While remote desktop support works great for a number of Marathon Consulting’s clients, Marathon also provides full onsite support as needed. There are some IT issues that are best taken care of in-person.

Taking this commitment to the next level is Josh Lynes. He is a Marathon employee and acts as the full-time IT Manager for one of our clients. He spends his week in their offices so he is completely involved in their day-to-day operations.

How did you find your job at Marathon? Rather randomly. I met Jeremiah via electronic music production long ago and learned about Marathon’s decision to hire a 4th employee from him.

Have you always been in the IT industry? What were you doing before joining Marathon? I’ve worked extensively in the service industry as everything from a bartender to a concierge, to a club promoter to a dj. The last was my favorite.

How would you answer the cocktail party question of “what do you do?” Describe your role for Marathon. I am the IT Manager for one of our largest clients. I provide a physical presence at the client’s various sites and manage their daily IT needs. I am their main point of contact with Marathon.

What kind of certifications or career experience do you have? My experience in the field all comes from hands on training at Marathon. I hold A+, Net+, MCTS, MCSA, and MCITP certifications from CompTIA and Microsoft. I am currently pursuing the Linux+ certification. Marathon is an excellent place to work if one wishes to learn and advance in the certification/education process.

What do you enjoy most about your role at Marathon? I’m faced with a variety of challenges. In short, the work tends not to get boring. I like the people I work with, which always makes things more pleasant.

What do you think sets Marathon apart? We take the time to understand our clients. We serve many industries, and take care to tailor solutions for them based on their specific needs. We’re the Special Forces of I.T.: Experts at becoming experts. I’ve watched us pull off some pretty cool stuff over the years.

What’s your favorite part about working at Marathon? We have a great group of people. A lot of us are friends outside of work, which tends to make a team stronger and closer.

What do you like to do for fun? If you had a four day weekend, what would you do? Work on my motorcycle, ride said motorcycle, go to the beach, and hang out with my dog. [Josh is also an accomplished musician. When I asked for some links to his work, he thought this track was a good example of his stuff.]

What is your dream vacation spot? Africa

Favorite sports team? Lol. Sports. SEAHAWKS!

Favorite touristy NYC thing to do or recommend out-of-towners do? Head over to 520 Madison ave. You can see a piece of the Berlin wall there. Not exactly touristy, but very interesting and certainly not on the usual go-to lists.

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