You have a backup for your files and data, but what about your Internet connection?

The central IT component for most disaster recovery plans is file backup and data restoration. Protecting your data assets is a key part of being prepared to work through an unexpected interruption.

One of the pieces of smart business continuity planning that can get overlooked is redundant connectivity to the Internet. With more business applications moving to “the cloud,” insuring your employees have access to the tools they need for their daily work is more important than ever.

A current example of how Internet connectivity issues can affect daily operations is Time Warner Cable’s efforts to update the nodes in its network that serves the greater New York area. These improvements will bring noticeably faster Internet to New York TWC customers when the upgrades are completed.

However, the work being done to provide the new service has caused prolonged interruptions in certain areas of the city.

Have a second Internet Service Provider (ISP) ready to go

One of the basics in disaster recovery planning is working to eliminate single points of failure. Marathon can help you determine the best secondary ISP for your needs and configure your system to automatically failover to your second ISP during a service interruption.

Cloud applications depend on Internet access. Some programs do allow for offline work that will sync the next time you get back online but this functionality is normally designed for brief interruptions like an airline flight. How much could your team get done without using the Web?

Put your second Internet connection to good use

In addition to the security an extra ISP provides, the added cost of adding an alternate ISP can be put to good use during normal business hours.

Put your VoIP phone system on a dedicated connection. Providing adequate bandwidth is one of the easiest ways to make sure VoIP systems works well. An extra ISP provider is also important if you have VoIP phones as these systems run over your Internet connection. Losing Internet access on a VoIP system means you also lose your phones.

Give super bandwidth users like a marketing or video department exclusive access. Putting your power users on their own connection will make things faster for your entire team. Normal users will not have to compete for bandwidth with the super users and that will make everyone happier.

Contact Marathon’s Sales Team to learn more about setting up multiple ISPs at your office.

Photo credit: Internet by James Cridland (CC BY 2.0)

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