Marathon Consulting’s Service Team sets quarterly goals to help maintain focus and have fun working toward a shared objective. The theme for the second quarter of 2014 was “Dominate.”

Different engineers were recognized as the “Dominator of the Week” during the quarter when they excelled in their role. Anyone selected as one of the weekly standouts was in the running to be named the Dominator of the Quarter and got to choose how the group would celebrate if they hit their goals.

We hit our team goals!

Rolando Montalvo was selected Marathon’s Dominator of the Quarter and he decided to take the team to Medieval Times in New Jersey. Once the rest of the company heard where the Service Team was headed, almost everyone jumped in to join the fun.

If you’ve never been to Medieval Times, it’s an entertaining experience. The building is a castle with a great hall and the show takes place in an arena in the center of the building. Dinner is a four course meal you eat with your hands because utensils hadn’t been invented yet.

The knights completed in a range of regal activities like sword fighting and jousting on horseback. Each section of the crowd rooted for one of the five competitors and our red and yellow knight was the winner of the two hour tournament.

The team made special arrangements to have Rolando knighted and he left with a real sword of his own. He’s now officially known as “Sir Rolando of the Super Nintendo” around the office.

The Service engineers have a new set of goals set for this quarter and we’ll keep you posted on the results and how they decide to top the fun of Medieval Times.


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