Jon Palker is Marathon Consulting’s Marketing Outreach Coordinator (and founding member of our company’s Culture Committee). He works with new prospects to understand their IT needs and connects them with a member of our team if a potential partnership with Marathon looks like it may make sense.

How did you find your job at Marathon?  I was in between jobs and Adam Kriegel had been with Marathon for about a year. He saw a potential fit so I reached out to the management team at Marathon and we created this position for me.

Have you always been in the IT industry? What were you doing before joining Marathon? Not at all. Before Marathon, I was an expert disk defragger and hard drive reformatter, but nothing more. My most recent job before Marathon was managing a doggy day care facility in Manhattan. Before that I was a Marketing Consultant up in Albany, New York. I’ve also worked as the Sales and Marketing Manager at a BBQ restaurant in Albany, a Marlboro Man and about 12 other marketing-related jobs.

How would you answer the “what do you do?” question? I target and contact potential Marathon partners. I gauge interest, briefly introduce them to Marathon and connect them to another member of our team to continue the conversation.

What kind of career experience do you have? I’ve planned and run events for 500 campers and organized concerts featuring 22 bands and 3 stages for college students. I can get your attention and keep it, if only for 30 seconds at a time. I have even pulled 700 lbs of pork in under 3 hours. (Trust me, you don’t want to do that.)

What do you enjoy most about your role at Marathon? Seeing a company I happened to initially call go through Marathon’s onboarding process and become a satisfied client is great. It often starts with generic information that may or may not be right. Then I call and make a connection, set up an introduction with the prospect and things start to develop. If they end up signing on, they get to meet with our engineers and talk with our management and finance teams. One client ends up engaging with all aspects of our company, and it all started with my first phone call.

What do you think sets Marathon apart? When we moved into our new space I missed having a window at my desk. Dennis and Scott were quick to make sure I was comfortable in the new set up. I now have a lovely framed piece of art to enjoy. It’s of a bearded tattooed mountain man punching a grizzly bear in the mouth. I think that’s pretty unique example of Marathon’s fun culture.

What’s your favorite part about working at Marathon? We are always well supplied with chocolate. The team activities at Marathon are really cool. Our holiday parties are great. We recently went to Medieval Times to celebrate our Service Team hitting their 2nd quarter goals. And we get a chance to attend a few Yankees games each year as the company has season tickets.

What do you like to do for fun? If you had a four day weekend, what would you do? I like to eat meat, preferably smoked or grilled. Lavo and MP Taverna are good choices. I love a good movie, but enjoy a bad movie all the same. I only play non ball-control sports, so I’ll skip your soccer game but will chase a Frisbee/football/baseball through the air all day.

What is your dream vacation spot? The New York Mets Fantasy Camp at Port St. Lucie. Or Greece/Spain/Italy. Depends on who is paying.

Favorite sports team? The Mets, the Jets and my Fantasy Baseball team.

Favorite touristy NYC thing to do or recommend out-of-towners do?  Walk from Penn Station to FAO Schwartz. Only purchasing from street vendors, try to sample as many different regional foods as possible. The Central Park Zoo is right there too if that’s your cup of tea.


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