A recently discovered flaw in the Unix and Linux operating systems, nicknamed “Shellshock” in the news, is the latest online security issue to make sure you address on your business and home networks.

The Shellshock bug is a hole in the Bourne Again Shell or BASH software that is part of the operating system. Hackers could exploit this opening to gain control of a vulnerable machine.

What you need to know about the Shellshock bug:

> You shouldn’t see this affect day-to-day work flow. Servers are the main pieces of hardware affected and Marathon has already made any necessary updates for our clients.

> Windows-based computers and servers are not affected by this issue. It’s part of the Unix-based OS that Apple machines and different kinds of Linux servers use.

> If you work on a Mac at the office or at home, make sure to download Apple’s security update when it’s released. Being behind a firewall will most likely protect you until the update is ready.

While the chances are low that your passwords to common web services like Gmail or Facebook will be compromised by the Shellshock bug, it’s another great reminder of why you need to choose strong passwords and change them on a regular basis or switch to a dedicated password manager.

Photo credit: Broken Rusty Lock by Nick Carter (CC by 2.0)

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