The best part about partnering with a superior managed IT services provider (MSP) like Marathon Consulting is that you get to pass your IT problems to our team of engineers. When you work with a great MSP, many of your information technology chores will be out of sight and can even become out of mind.

Here are five essential ways an MSP can help save time and boost efficiency in your company.

Routine Checkups

One of the easiest ways to take care of your network is by regularly updating your hardware and software. When you are a Marathon managed IT services client, our team monitors your hard drives, servers and other physical components of your workstations to ensure they’re in top shape. These routine checkups will enhance the performance of your computers and help anticipate mechanical failures before they cause extended downtime.

Security and Updates

It’s extremely important to stay up to date and protect yourself from all of the security threats that are part of life online. To stay safe, you need to be attentive about updating software and installing security patches. However, constantly taking time to update your systems can be a drain on your resources. As an MSP client, you can rest easy knowing your IT partner is taking care of these issues for you so you can remain focused on your work.

Documenting Your Network

Keeping detailed documentation of your network will make remediating any issues much faster and more efficient. It may seem like a dull project, but mapping your network will also allow you to pinpoint potential system failures and identify opportunities for improvements. Part of Marathon’s new client onboarding program for new managed services clients is charting and documenting your network, fixing your system issues, and helping you create a smart long-term plan for expansion.

Tracking and Ticketing

Tracking your network’s performance is a smart way to monitor its long-term health. A professional tracking and ticketing system gives your MSP a record to review in the event of a problem within your network. A quality managed IT services provider will put a tracking and reporting system in place for your network to create a detailed record of your network’s history while you’re an ongoing client.

License Renewal Management

When it comes time to expand your company, you’ll need to consider how adding users will affect the licensing agreements of your software. There is usually a limit on the number of workstations that can use a single software license. Neglecting to monitor license requirements on your software can create problems when your company starts growing. You should be able to rely on your managed IT services provider to keep track of the requirements of your software licensing and make sure everything is up to date.

If you’re looking to hire a managed services provider for your business, we’ve created a checklist of questions to ask to help you find the right IT partner for your needs. It outlines all of the key points to cover as you look for a first class IT company.

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