We consistently focus on maintaining a fun company culture at Marathon Consulting. Depending on client needs, our engineers can sometimes work long hours, so we feel the responsibility to make sure their workplace is a supportive and enjoyable environment.

The team from Marathon’s New York office visited Indoor Extreme Sports in Queens after work on Wednesday to blow off steam and engage in some healthy competition.

The 8,000 square foot space is the home of Black Ops laser tag. The experience at IES was like stepping into a “first person shooter” video game. The equipment kept track of all of the shots fired and the hits scored.

Our sales and admin departments combined to take on our service engineers during the team rounds. We discovered our service team apparently also work together on weekends as a crew of super soldiers because they dominated the sales/admin folks.

The final event of the night was an all-in “deathmatch” and Victor, a member of our sales team, came out on top with 44 points. Eric was second and Andy, an engineer from our Denver office, took third place.

Who knows where our next adventure will take the team? Will the sales/admin team get an opportunity to even the score? We shall see. 🙂

Photo credit: Marathon’s own Andy Johns

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