Marathon Consulting will begin providing 24-hour in-house support coverage during the work week starting Monday, June 22nd.

When the new schedule takes effect, our support desk engineers will be available from Monday morning (8 am EST) through Saturday morning (7 am EST). Coverage for weekend issues will continue to come from our rotating on-call engineer.

“Both Marathon and our clients have grown to the point where adding this kind of service just makes sense. This addition gives all of our US clients support options regardless what time it is during the week and 24 hour support also allows us to provide our international clients with the level of customer service that we think sets Marathon apart,” said Brian Kingsley, our Director of Services.

After hours rates for current Marathon partners may still apply depending on individual client agreements. Our m|Watch+ Complete monitoring service includes after hours calls for clients that need a consistent level of support throughout the day or night.

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