Everyone at Marathon Consulting is excited to celebrate our company’s 14th anniversary.

The continued support of our clients, some who have been with us since we started, is a huge part of this long-term success. Marathon is now old enough to be a freshman in high school.

Another key to our success is our outstanding team of engineers that focus on delivering top notch service in addition to providing expert IT advice.

“One of the best ways we take care of our clients is by striving to make Marathon a fun and challenging place to work for our team. Our company culture attracts newer engineers that are looking for a place to shine and more experienced IT professionals who are excited about mentoring,” said Scott Wilson, Marathon’s co-founder and CEO. “Our team is motivated and that energy shows when we work with our clients.”

Here’s to 14 great years and we are looking forward to expanding our reach in both Denver and New York City in 2016.

We recorded a short video to say thank you to everyone who’s been a part of the last 14 years.