Everyone at Marathon is excited to share the news that we’re merging with South Africa’s Netsurit. Netsurit and Marathon Consulting are both ranked among the world’s top 350 IT managed services providers (MSPs) and Marathon will officially become part of Netsurit when the merger is complete.

The merger will make both companies better.
This deal is a win/win for both companies. There are complementary strengths that will make the joint organization stronger. Clients for both companies will not lose anything they currently have and can expect to see quick improvements. The deal gives Netsurit an established entry into the North American market, while the Marathon team gains additional resources and expertise for its existing clients.

Culture is key
There is a close culture alignment between Netsurit and Marathon that became clear during the due diligence phase of the process. Both companies put people first, customers second, and profits third. A good culture fit was key before our co-founders, Scott Wilson and Bill Stucklen, considered moving forward.

Keeping that culture intact is a top long-term priority as it is the common foundation we will use to create a great new company. Scott will become the managing director of the North American market for Netsurit’s US operations. Everyone at Marathon is being retained to ensure continuity and continued success in the US market.

Check out the official press release to learn more about the deal.