Microsoft OfficeUse the Powerful Microsoft Office 365 Suite of Products to Unlock your Business’s Full Potential

The scope of enterprise IT isn’t the same as it was a few decades ago. In fact, the face of the industry has completely changed with new inventions, innovations, and disruptions pushing the world forward every year, and Microsoft Office 365 is proof this.

It’s this drive to push forward and innovate while improving on what’s already available that requires companies to stay on top of the latest developments in the industry, or run the risk of becoming dated.

Many businesses continue to use outdated technology to try and keep up with their industries and competition today. If you are tired of your company being at a disadvantage and considering a move to Microsoft Office 365, we think these benefits help make the decision an even easier one.

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Microsoft Office 365 Offers Seamless Co-Ordination with the Tools You Already Know

Microsoft Office 365 makes it easy to work with the programs you know and love already, including Excel, Word, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Publisher. These tools also offer you the same incredible features you rely on, along with many other powerful capabilities you can only find in Office 365.

As Office 365 also offers you multiple subscription levels, it’s possible for colleagues and managers to see if others are editing a document that’s in use, and then synchronize documents on the desktop or tablet. It also allows for many other powerful features.

Microsoft Office 365 Offers Anywhere, Anytime Access

As Microsoft Office 365 offers web-enabled access to important documents, email, calendars and contacts on most devices, including MacBooks, PCs, and all the most popular smartphones, it frees employees up to work just about anywhere they choose, allowing them to respond to queries and requests right away.

With the capability of checking email on mobile devices, employees can work while on the road, and there’s no need to rush to the office, or to search for a Wi-Fi connection.

Collaborate and Communicate Inside and Outside Your Company

It’s easier than ever creating a password-protected portal to share large documents and emails both outside and inside of your company with Office 365. This provides you with a single location to find the latest versions of documents and files, regardless of the amount of people working on them.

Make Your Transition to Microsoft Office 365 An Effortless One

We are an IT consulting firm offering advanced managed IT services and solutions. With a national footprint and serving customers in the Greater New York area and other parts of the US, we offer 24/7 support to our valued clients. If you are considering making the move to Microsoft Office 365 and are nervous about the migration, let us help you make it a smooth transition.

Our managed IT services are developed to guarantee your IT investment runs smoothly at all times, so you can focus on your core business. To learn more about our company, and what we do, contact us today.

We’ve helped thousands of users move to Office 365 and we look forward to helping you harness the power of Microsoft Office in your business.